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all our Winners !

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Season 1998/1999

MASSE* from Sweden
Finished top with 41 points

Runners-up were:
Billericay Blue, 32 points
Steveo, 31 points

Season 1999/2000

SAFFRON BLUE*, our lad from Ireland.
Finished top with 40 points

Runners-up were:
Irish Paul, 38 points
Billericay Blue, 37 points

Season 2000/2001

WILL M*, an intruder from the dark side.
Finished top with 46 points

Runners-up were:
Nicholas, 44 points
Sturm Blue, 35 points

Season 2001/2002

COLM KAVANAGH**,  the BWPL Award goes to Ireland again....
Finished top with 42 points

Runners-up were: 
blue hombre & Penny Lane, 37 points each
Steve F, 34 points

Season 2002/2003

HUTCHY*, a member of the "ToffeeWeb Student League"....
Finished top with 42 points

Runners-up were:
Nicholas, 40 points
mullingar blue & Willow, 36 points each

Season 2003/2004


DECO BLUE*, who put on a fantastic final spurt to get the winning points.....
Finished top with 42 points

Runners-up were:
Osmo & PaulC, 37 points each
San Fran Blue & Squire, 36 points each

Season 2004/2005


ED*, who lead the league for an amazing 31 weeks altogether (with only a two-week break in between)
Finished top with 38 points

Runners-up were:
Colm Kavanagh, Deco Blue, ...dog... & San Fran Blue, 36 points each
Gravesen's Stitches, PabloMc2 & Sean O'Flynn, 35 points each

Season 2005/2006


ForEverton**, a true Blue from Denmark who was so determined to win this season.
Finished top with 43 points

Runners-up were:
PabloMc2, 42 points
Ed Canada & EverToon, 39 points each

Season 2006/2007


PaulSan*, our first Bermuda-born winner has put up a tremendous fight this season.
Finished top with 44 points

Runners-up were:
Gwen, 43 points
Tony, 42 points

Season 2007/2008

COLM KAVANAGH***,  he did it again....
Finished top with 66 points

Runners-up were: 
Robert, 59 points
ForEverton, 58 points

Season 2008/2009


BRUSSELSBLUE*, the BWPL Asterisk going to Belgium (with Irish origins) for the first time....
Finished top with 49 points

Runners-up were:
SanFranBlue, 44 points
Tozzer, 43 points


European Championship 2000

COLM KAVANAGH*, again from Ireland...must be the Blarney Stone...
Finished top with 18 points

Runners-up were:
Will M, 16 points
Sturm Blue, 15 points

World Cup 2002

An extraordinary world cup with extraordinary results....and joint winners for the first time in BWPL history.


FOR EVERTON*, a triumph for Denmark
Finished top with 52 points...


TOM OB*, more successful than Beckham & Co.
Finished top with 52 points

Runners-up were: 
blue hombre & brusselsblue, 51 points each
Amy Gravesen & Geordie Blue, 49 points each

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