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Last Updated : Sunday, 9 August 2009

On this page you will find news concerning the BWPL, polls, and whatever else I can think of.....so, if you don't want to miss anything you better make sure you have a look at it once in a while.

Favourite Quote

"I'm pretty biased actually, but Evertonians are the Fans of the Season."

(Andy Gray....when asked by Match Magazine to choose his personal awards for the 2001-02 season)

What's New ?

9 August 2009
New season - new start for the BWPL........We're back in business !!!

I hope you have all had a fabulous summer and I'm looking forward to another great season of predictions.

We're going to do the same thing as last season...with the starting entries all contestants are to predict where they think Everton will finish this season. Those who are correct will receive 5 bonus points, those who are two places away (either side) will receive 3 bonus points.Those who are above, or out of this range get zilch.

Good Luck !!!

A Royal Blue Dream

by Becky Tallentire

A team made from Kendall, Harvey and Ball
Fat Latch, Jumpin' Duncan and Big Barry Horne
Alex Young is a vision still gold to this day
And I'll eat my hat if that's not Andy Gray

There's Tricky Trevor, (I'd swear that's a wig)
With Big Davey Hickson, the Cannonball Kid
Beautiful football, played on the floor
Morrissey hovers - Big Dunc's bound to score

Joe is our Royle and Andy our King
And Archangel Gabriel's on the right wing
Sharpie's our Braveheart, spilling blood for the cause
While Labby and Waggy compare their back 4's

Catterick is whispering his dressing room secrets
And Reidy is constantly shouting expletives
The spirit is present of William Ralph Dean
And they still won't serve Inchy until he's 18

Derek Mountfield is welcome; he can score on his knees
For free kicks at Ipswich, it's gotta be Sheeds
Mike Lyons is with us but his curls have all gone
We love Shagger Stevens; but still hate Big Ron

And there's Tommy Wright-back all covered in mud
I can see Kevin Ratcliffe - he's lifting the cup
Kenyon and Whittle are fearless you know
And there's Martin Dobson - a great big Hello

Lawton and Mercer and Bingham and Brace
Parkie, the Pieman is still making space
Big Nev and Westie are guarding the goal
And all is at peace in my blue-blooded soul

And as I awaken, in bed in my room
I wait for the whistle; it's got to be soon
In the 94th minute, he scores when he shoots
And all I can see is a blur of white boots.

Becky Tallentire 2001

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